Heap CRM Mobile Interface Explained

Once you follow the install instructions under your help section, you can start using Heap CRM’s mobile offline interface on your device.

Regardless if you are viewing the list of messages, events or people, the top of the interface has the same basic elements. From here you can filter the list by prospect or type something into the “Filter List” box. Because it searches the entire item, not just the title, you can type almost anything into the “Filter List” box.

If you are at least one page length down, an up arrow will appear allowing you to get to the top of the interface quickly.

Each item in the list has its own set of controls. By pressing on the title area or plus you expand the item. This may present more options like commenting on a message or opening a map from an address. Pressing on the prospect name will show you people connected to this prospect.

When you are viewing the last item in the list, you’re online and there might be more items in Heap, a “Load More …” button will appear.

If you wish to edit an event/task, just click on the dark grey area on the left (e.g. the area showing the event’s date). You can edit the item in place and simply click “Save” when you are done.