Save data from WuFoo Forms into Heap CRM

WuFoo allows you to create forms of all shapes and sizes. But with just a few steps you can setup WuFoo to send data to Heap CRM; regardless if you want to create a person, prospect or message.

1) Get your Heap WebHook URL (under Help->Integration):

2) In WuFoo, select “Notification” from the particular form you want to integrate:

3) Select “WebHook” and click “Add Integration”:

4) Paste the Heap WebHook URL:

5) Fill out the form. Enter the Heap field* you want the data to land in (you can specify multiple WuFoo form fields to land in a single Heap field). If the WuFoo “special” form field doesn’t allow you to do that, just enter valid example content (e.g any valid e-mail, any valid phone number, etc.):

6) Heap detects that it received some data that wasn’t properly mapped, but it seemed like it could be, so it sends you an e-mail:

7) Paste the HandshakeKey text into the HandshakeKey:

Now, any new entry in the WuFoo form will be placed in the proper fields in Heap CRM.

Field Availability:

Depending on what fields you send to Heap, you can create a person, prospect or message. If you are creating a message, the only fields are “title” and “body” (body is evaluated for all message operators). However, if you create a person, all person fields, person level custom values and category instructions are available. If creating a prospect, in addition to all people fields/operations, prospect level custom values, prospect fields and template operations are available.