Save data from WuFoo Forms into Torch Project Management

WuFoo allows you to create forms of all shapes and sizes. But with just a few steps you can setup WuFoo to send messages to Torch Project Management.

1) Get your Torch WebHook URL (under Help->Integration):

2) In WuFoo, select “Notification” from the particular form you want to integrate:

3) Select “WebHook” and click “Add Integration”:

4) Paste the Torch WebHook URL:

5) Fill out the form. Enter the Torch field* you want the data to land in (you can specify multiple WuFoo form fields to land in a single Torch field):

6) Torch detects that it received some data that wasn’t properly mapped, but it seemed like it could be, so it sends you an e-mail:

7) Paste the HandshakeKey text into the HandshakeKey:

Now, any new entry in the WuFoo form will be placed in the proper fields in Torch Project Management.

Field Availability:

Torch creates messages using two fields: “title” and “body”. However, body is evaluated for complete, event, category, time, expense and pin commands as described in Torch’s help section.

You can create time entries if you use the fields “note”, “hours”, “timestamp” and “category”. If you use the fields “note”, “price”, “timestamp” and “category” you will create an expense.