Security and Data: Your Data is Safe

Application Design

Heap and Torch were designed by security experts. Care has been taken to make sure only you can access your data. We also used an extensive beta process to shake out the bugs before the initial release.


Instead of trying to maintain a data-center ourselves, we hired Slicehost (part of Rackspace). Slicehost maintains a state-of-the-art facility, which means everything imaginable is redundant from firewalls to internet access to power. And of course the facility is monitored 24/7.


Your database is backed-up to multiple locations at least once a day. Additional backups may be performed before a software upgrade or database migration. In short, don’t worry about it!

SSL Everywhere

All communications with our web apps are encrypted. Not just the login or when you upload something sensitive; everything. Which means that it is simply not vulnerable to session hijacking. So you should feel free to use Heap and Torch wherever you want, including public WiFi spots.

Your Data is Your Data

While this not strictly security, we think it’s a good idea to reiterate something in our privacy policy: Your data is your data. Although WBP SYSTEMS owns the databases and all rights to the Heap and Torch software, you retain all rights to your data. WBP SYSTEMS will never sell or share your data with a third party, data-mine your data, or use your data for WBP SYSTEMS’s own business. WBP SYSTEMS will not read, view or write to your data, except in the context of a tech support issue and only with your express permission.