Sending Google Form Submissions to Heap

Using Google Forms you can quickly create forms for your customers, employees or others to fill out. Here is a sample form (you can have as many fields as you like, it is short to help illustrate the concepts):

When the user saves the form it saves it to this spreadsheet:

Now, using a script, you can have this data (and any other rows) sent to Heap:

And it fills in the response to each row in the “State” column:

This is pretty simple to do. First, you need to setup your configuration when asked:

Then label (first row) each column to match the Heap field you want it to be sent to.

Depending on what fields you send, Heap will respond differently. In this case, given you are sending probability and value, Heap will attempt to create a lead. But you could tell Heap to create a person, a message, events, whatever. The full sample code is here.