Subscribing to a Calendar from Heap or Torch

Both Heap and Torch produce iCalendar files that update automatically, but sometimes it isn’t clear exactly how to subscribe to them from a particular client application.

Apple iCal

Simply click on any link in Heap or Torch labeled “iCal”. iCal will popup with a subscription url:

Once you click subscribe, you can select options including how often you want the calendar to update:

Microsoft Outlook

Like iCal, you can often subscribe to an iCal file in Outlook simply by clicking on it. However, if that does not work, you can subscribe to a calendar by following these steps:

1) Copy the URL of the iCalendar file by right clicking on the link

2) Click the calendar section button:

3) Select “From Internet” from the “Open Calendar” drop-down

4) Paste the URL

Google Calendar

To subscribe to a Calendar in Google Calendar:

1) Copy the URL of the iCalendar file by right clicking on the link

2) Select “Add by URL” from the “Other Calendars” drop arrow

3) Paste the URL

For most users this is sufficient, however, there is a bug in Google Calendar that can result in the wrong timezone occasionally being applied

If you are bitten by the bug, there is a workaround. Append “&timezone=TIMEZONE” (without the quotes) to any of the iCalendar URLs before submitting. TIMEZONE is the name of your timezone. You can find your timezone on Wikipedia in the “TZ*” column. So, if you lived in Paris, you would append:


To any of the iCalendar URLs you pasted into Google Calendar.