User Permissions

In Torch there are two different types of users: external and internal. Internal users are for people in your company. External users are for everyone else.

Standard internal users have access to everything. They can create bids, invoices, projects, etc. And they automatically have access to all projects.

External users, by contrast, only have access to read bids and invoices and only when they are out of the draft stage. They also only have access to a project when you specifically grant them access. They have no access to the time or expense tracking sections.

Limited internal users have access to time and expenses but, like external users, only have access to the projects you assign them to.

How to grant an External User/Limited Internal User Access:

Under the project that you want to grant them access to, go to the “Project” tab and select “Project Access.”

Simply search for the user you want to grant access to the project and click on their name when they appear in the search results.

Also, when you send an external user a bid or invoice over e-mail, it automatically grants them access to the project that the bid or invoice is in.