Using Torch Project Management from Alfred

Using the Alfred Extensions

Do you want to interact with Torch Project Management directly from Alfred? You can using extensions.

So, if I wanted to mark a task as complete (in this case “TPS Report”), I would type:

Other Commands include:

  • done:
  • expense:
  • expenses
  • expenses:
  • invoices
  • invoices:
  • payments
  • payments:
  • task:
  • tasks
  • tasks:
  • time:
  • times
  • times:

Installing Alfred Extensions

  1. If you haven’t done so already, Install TorchCL >
  2. Download the Extensions (1.x) > | Download the Extensions (2.x) >
  3. Unzip “”
  4. Drag each extension to the Alfred:Extensions preferences window (in 1.x) or double click the unzipped files (in 2.x)